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Insights and Trends

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12 Things It Takes to Be A Speech-Language Pathologist

What is required to be a great speech therapist? Above-average intelligence, kindness and a team spirit – to name a few. As we honor speech-language pathologists in May for Better Hearing and Speech Month, we reflect on 12 qualities SLPs possess and use in their delivery of care.

What You Need to Know About Aphasia

Aphasia is a language disorder that affects nearly one-third of stroke victims. Aphasia occurs when there is damage to the communications hub in the left side of the brain. While aphasia disrupts communication skills, it does not affect a person’s thinking skills. It is critical to watch for signs and...

Action-Observation for Stroke Patients

New research shows that merely observing others perform physical tasks can activate the damaged regions of stroke patients’ brains. Through functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), researchers at the University of Southern California found that the activity was strongest when stroke patient