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Behavioral Health Partnerships

Behavioral Health Partnerships

Kindred Behavioral Health (KBH) is now part of the Lifepoint Health family, creating Lifepoint Behavioral Health. Combining the partnership expertise you trust from Kindred with Lifepoint’s diversified health network has helped us to optimize our partnership approach. This enables our partners to successfully meet the behavioral health need across their care continuum and throughout their local community.

We understand there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to patient care or partnership, which is why we offer a variety of customized contract management and joint-venture partnership solutions to help meet the specific needs of the hospital and community.

Through a joint venture or contract management partnership, we can help your hospital:

  • Alleviate emergency department capacity strains by helping to place patients in a behavioral health setting equipped to take on their unique needs – opening up beds for patients in need of emergent treatment.
  • Relieve the burden of running a highly efficient behavioral health program through our flexible, white-labeled partnership solutions and leading expertise.
  • Enhance quality care, patient access and employee engagement with the guidance and support of Lifepoint’s service line expertise, national quality standards, and employee training and educational pathways.
  • Effectively meet the needs of the growing behavioral health population through our specialized expertise and clinical excellence.
  • Help your hospital grow and build further upon your mission through Lifepoint’s shared vision of making communities healthier.


Specialized Behavioral Health Expertise

As a leading behavioral health partner, we offer unique tools, resources and expertise to help our partners meet the unique needs within their local community.

Quality Standards


As one of the largest behavioral health providers in the nation, we have access to both local and national quality data, best practices and standards to help individual hospitals provide industry-leading care.


Clinical Expertise


Partners gain access to critical behavioral health talent, including psychiatrists, counselors and other specialized mental health all focused on achieving the best possible clinical quality.

Additionally, partners gain access to extensive employee training, educational pathways and support groups. This allows their teams to leverage their care offerings while improving the engagement and satisfaction of their employees. This generates higher retention rates and lower costs for the hospital.




As one of the leading behavioral health providers in the nation, we help partner hospitals scale their service offerings through our robust supply chain, extensive peer groups and proven best practices.


Acute DNA


Lifepoint has decades of experience across the care continuum – from pre-acute to post-acute. We have firsthand understanding of how each service line is interconnected and how to best optimize operations for improved performance.


Why are behavioral health services important for community outcomes?

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To learn more about how Lifepoint can help you achieve your unique goals, contact us.

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