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Insights and Trends

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Making Care Primary: Top insights into the new CMS initiative

Making Care Primary: Top insights into the new CMS initiative

CMS recently announced its newest Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) model: Making Care Primary (MCP). 

Strategies to Enhance Hospital Operations and Outcomes: Benefits of Behavioral Health

Over 50 million Americans experienced a mental health illness in 2022, however, less than half sought out treatment.1,2 As research on the prevalence of behavioral health conditions and the population’s willingness to receive this form of care continues to evolve, hospitals are looking for solutions to combat its impact within...

Behavioral Health’s Role in Relieving Emergency Department Strains

Behavioral Health’s Role in Relieving Emergency Department Strains

As the demand for psychiatric beds rises without adequate resources, patients in need of behavioral health care will continue to turn to emergency departments (EDs) as a solution.

Top Patient Safety Concerns for 2023

Pediatric Mental Health Charted: Top Patient Safety Concerns for 2023

Pediatric mental health is now at the top of the list for patient safety concerns in 2023, reports the Emergency Care Research Institute (ECRI).

CMS to Change SNF Staffing Mandate: How Your Hospital May be Impacted

After years of suboptimal outcomes, CMS is on the verge of proposing new staffing mandates for skilled nursing facilities (SNFs). This mandate could cost SNFs upwards of $10 billion to maintain and could lead to a larger impact across the care continuum.

Headlines from the Hill: May Edition

Stay on top of the latest regulatory shifts and healthcare breaking news with Headlines from the Hill.

An Advisory Board Analysis: 3 Key Pain Points to Address in Behavioral Healthcare

Prevalence of behavioral health conditions grew 50% in 2021 and continues to steadily increase year over year. To help combat these rising numbers, mental health tech startups were provided funding to grow their service offerings – collectively reaching $5.5 billion globally in 2021.1

Mental Health Awareness Month: The Importance of Behavioral Health Integration for Hospital Outcomes

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, a time to raise awareness for those living with behavioral health illnesses and to help reduce the stigma associated with treating addiction and mental health.

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Infographic: Benefits of Building Flexibility Into Your Hospital’s Long-term Plans

As the medical complexity of patients in the U.S. continues to increase, it is important for providers to be flexible in their ability to respond to current and future patient needs. This has been proven to be especially vital as the COVID-19 public health emergency demonstrated the need for health...

Behavioral Health Staffing Strains: Where Do Hospital Priorities Lie?

As behavioral health leaders continue to navigate the intricacies of healthcare environment – including rapidly rising patient admissions, regulatory shifts and overcrowded emergency departments (EDs) – experts note that the ongoing staffing shortage will continue to be the largest pain point throughout 2023.1

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