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Med-Surg and Outpatient Services

Med-Surg and Outpatient Services

Lifepoint Health provides and manages the medical-surgical (Med-Surg) therapy within many of our strategic partnerships. This expanded continuum of service facilitates and supports patient access through early identification of appropriate patients.

Our Med-Surg therapists receive on-going education, training and supervision on:

    • Admission criteria for ARU and other post-acute care settings – both standard and current trends
    • Efficient triaging of patients to appropriate post-acute setting
    • Documentation requirements to facilitate pre-approval/authorization with MCOs
    • How to prepare the patient for an ARU, SNF, LTACH, OP or Home Health transition – and encourage families and patients to take advantage of these service lines
    • Facilitation of a smooth and timely transition from acute care to the appropriate post-acute care setting

Outpatient Therapy Management

The goal of therapy services in an outpatient environment is to try a course of treatment prior to an inpatient rehabilitation stay, or provide a continued course of therapy treatment after a medical/surgical event or inpatient rehabilitation stay.

Lifepoint equips hospitals with the resources and expertise to effectively deliver quality outpatient services and outcomes, all while navigating the associated challenges around:

    • Regulations
    • Reimbursement
    • Operations and marketing
    • Referral development
    • Community education

We make it a priority to align with your hospital’s mission and vision so that we can provide the best decisions and generate the most optimal outcomes for your patients, including:

    • What therapy services a patient receives
    • When they receive them
    • Who delivers them and
    • How positively patients experience them

Contact us today to learn how Lifepoint’s medical surgical and outpatient capabilities can help your hospital meet the growing need in your community.

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