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Insights and Trends

Insights and Trends

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CMS Proposed and Final Rulings: What Does this Mean for Your Hospital?

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recently released a proposed rule highlighting intentions to regulate Medicare Advantage (MA) plans from using internal, propriety guidelines to inform coverage determinations for its patients.

Reducing Claims Denials: A Key Focus for Health Leaders in 2023

Claims denials have increased between 10%-15% according to a recent Experian Health survey of over 200 heath leaders.

3 Steps to Help Optimize Your Hospital’s Rehabilitation Unit

3 Steps to Help Optimize Your Hospital’s Rehabilitation Unit

With greater emphasis being placed on care transitions and readmission rates, inpatient rehabilitation units have incredible potential to become high-performing centers of excellence that create greater patient access and enhance the performance of the entire hospital.

Generational Trends Expected to Impact Hospital Operations and Outcomes

By 2030, the U.S. population is set to exceed 355 million people – a 6% jump from today’s 333 million.1 During this time, the healthcare space is expected to see major shifts in generational trends, ultimately leading to modifications in care delivery and service line prioritization.

Top Post-Acute Trends for 2023: Is Your Hospital Prepared?

Determining a hospital’s strategic focus for the upcoming year can be challenging. From combating the ongoing workforce shortage and addressing chronic disease management to enhancing financial performance and hospital flexibility, there are often competing priorities.

Technology’s Role in Improving Health Equity

Technology’s Role in Improving Health Equity

As hospitals work to fill gaps in their clinical workforce and elevate their financial performance, many are finding relief in digital technology’s ability to meet the unique needs of their community.

Two Trends Influencing Hospital Strategic Priorities for 2023

Two Trends Influencing Hospital Strategic Priorities for 2023

For hospitals, 2022 was a year filled with uncertainty – labor was scarce, finances were strained and medical conditions became more complex. However, some of these challenges have not dwindled and are expected to continue into 2023.

Kaufman Hall Report

A Kaufman Hall Report: How Hospitals are Strengthening Financial Performance Amid Toughest Year to Date

2022 was one of the most financially straining years for hospitals, according to a Kaufman Hall study of 86 hospital and health system leaders.

Debunking 11 decision-making myths: A Harvard Business Review Report

When faced with a complicated decision, many of us fall into counterproductive behaviors that can hinder our ability to make well-informed choices. Hear from Harvard Business Review leader, Cheryl Einhorn, as she dispels 11 myths about decision-making, and provides tips on how to avoid making these common mistakes in the...

3 population trends expected to influence inpatient utilization

An Advisory Board Report: 3 population trends expected to influence inpatient utilization

While the growing aging patient population continues to consume the largest amount of healthcare spend, little focus has been paid on the impact their complex and chronic illnesses have on hospital operations and outcomes.

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