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Insights and Trends

Insights and Trends

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Debunking 11 decision-making myths: A Harvard Business Review Report

When faced with a complicated decision, many of us fall into counterproductive behaviors that can hinder our ability to make well-informed choices. Hear from Harvard Business Review leader, Cheryl Einhorn, as she dispels 11 myths about decision-making, and provides tips on how to avoid making these common mistakes in the...

3 population trends expected to influence inpatient utilization

An Advisory Board Report: 3 population trends expected to influence inpatient utilization

While the growing aging patient population continues to consume the largest amount of healthcare spend, little focus has been paid on the impact their complex and chronic illnesses have on hospital operations and outcomes.

The aging patient population

The aging patient population: 7 things to know

As the last Baby Boomer is expected to turn 65 in 2030, this generation remains top of mind in the healthcare space as they continue to make significant impacts in the way hospitals approach care access and quality.1

Investing in staff well-being beyond the workplace: What it means for your hospital

Across the U.S., 84% of health care providers report issues keeping up with the growing workforce shortage.1 Rising medically complex patient volumes, coupled with increasing rates of burnout among health care staff, have led health systems to seek new strategies to aid in employee well-being.

2022 Post-Acute Survey Results: HFMA and C-Suite Insights

To gain a greater understanding of current and future trends within the post-acute space, Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA)1 and Lifepoint partnered on a survey of nearly 200 hospital leaders. The survey explored key opportunities around post-acute services, including healthcare staffing, financial performance and strategic partnership opportunities.

The importance of value-based care integration for hospital outcomes

The importance of value-based care integration for hospital outcomes

As more hospitals officially transition to the value-based care (VBC) model, health leaders are seeking strategies to help their hospital maintain optimal outcomes long-term.

CMS 2023 Final Rule Recap

CMS 2023 Final Rule Recap: Its Impact on Your Rehabilitation Hospital

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recently released the Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility Prospective Payment System (IRF PPS), for fiscal year (FY) 2023. The payment rule will take effect for cost report periods beginning on or after October 1, 2022 for all rehabilitation units and freestanding hospitals.

2 Ways Company Culture Can Help Your Hospital Hire and Retain Top Talent

2 Ways Company Culture Can Help Your Hospital Hire and Retain Top Talent

Hospital team members want an employer who holds similar values to their own, and maintains a positive reputation throughout their community.

2 Key Factors Boosting Hospital Staff Recruitment and Retention

Now more than ever, hospital team members are seeking an employer who invests in their employees. Hospitals that utilize specialized rehabilitation resources to maintain employee engagement, enhance skill sets and aid in setting a positive work-life balance continue to set themselves apart as employers of choice. However, gaining access to...

Expected nursing home closures in 2022: Its impact on your hospital

Over 300 nursing homes have closed since the beginning of the pandemic, and roughly 400 more are projected to close this year, according to a new report from the American Health Care Association (AHCA) and National Center for Assisted Living (NCA).

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