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Committed to diversity, equity and inclusion

Committed to diversity, equity and inclusion

Making communities healthier includes recognizing the diversity of each of our communities and understanding the unique ways we can advance the health and well-being of every individual we serve. Lifepoint is committed to creating an inclusive, community-based healthcare delivery system that provides equitable opportunities for all people.

We celebrate the many differences within our Lifepoint family. Whether they are a reflection of race, ethnicity, gender, ability, age, religion, sexual orientation, veteran status, work styles, experience or other aspects, we strive to look for the synergies among our differences.

We want to ensure that everyone has a fair and just opportunity to be as healthy as possible and actively work to make this a reality in our communities.

Furthermore, we strive to ensure that all our employees have a purpose and feel a sense of belonging within Lifepoint. Our employee resource groups (ERGs) – built on shared identities and experiences – build community, provide support and play an important role in making Lifepoint a diverse, inclusive and equitable environment.

Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)