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Acute Partnership Solutions

Acute Partnership Solutions

We are dedicated to making communities healthier together through our partnerships with likeminded hospitals and providers. As a leader in providing community-based care across the country, we bring together the right resources, expertise and support to advance healthcare in the communities we serve.

Through our partnerships, we help hospitals:

  • Advance your mission and vision to help ensure the patients and community you have served for years continue to trust your hospital with their care.
  • Improve outcomes and expand access to quality care through Lifepoint’s decades of experience focusing on making communities healthier.
  • Increase patient and family member engagement, and enhance employee satisfaction through innovative solutions and technology.
  • Enhance clinical quality and operational excellence with the guidance and support of Lifepoint’s clinicians, service line experts and national network.

Duke LifePoint Healthcare

Duke LifePoint Healthcare is a joint venture of Duke Health and Lifepoint Health that offers community hospitals a unique combination of clinical, financial and operational support. From recruiting new physicians, to investing in new technology, to expanding services, partnering with Duke LifePoint provides hospitals the resources they need not only to survive in the evolving healthcare landscape, but also to flourish and grow.

Acute Care Expertise

As one of the nation’s leading acute care providers, we offer a variety of tools, resources and expertise to help our partners achieve optimal outcomes across the entire care continuum.