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Insights and Trends

Insights and Trends

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Three Ways Health Systems can Successfully Respond to Consumer Shifts

Due to massive shifts taking place in healthcare consumer behaviors, health systems are looking for ways to effectively respond to current and future patient needs. In doing so, a hospital can further leverage their strengths to expand across the care continuum and position themselves ahead of industry disruptors and other...

Five Healthcare Consumerism Shifts to Address for Hospital Success

Concerns over facility-based care and risk of exposure during the pandemic have led to a massive shift in consumerism—changing the methods in which individual’s research, select and receive various forms of care. This shift was compounded by the fact that many healthcare consumers who are responsible for an increasing share...

The Connection Between Service Line Co-location and Hospital Success

Now more than ever, it is important for providers to be flexible in their ability to respond to current and future patient needs as the medically complex patient population continues to increase. But flexibility isn’t just important in an immediate crisis— it’s something healthcare leaders should be thinking about amid...

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