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Your hospital’s guide to enhanced financial performance

Addressing diverse patient needs through strategic partnership

To achieve optimal hospital outcomes both financially and operationally, health leaders are looking for ways to address the growing medically complex patient population and determine the best care path for these patients to avoid potential rehospitalization.

Discover two key benefits of rehabilitation partnership that can help your hospital meet the growing patient need while simultaneously improving patient satisfaction and outcomes, and reducing care costs:

  1. Specialized care for COVID-19 and medically complex patients

    Throughout the pandemic, specialty hospitals – including inpatient rehabilitation hospitals and units – have played an invaluable role in the public health response. Research notes that 20 percent of patients recovering from COVID-19 require facility-based rehabilitation.1 This value was proven through the interdisciplinary rehabilitation teams who helped patients recover from severe cases of COVID-19.

    Hospitals that partnered with experts to operate their inpatient rehabilitation program prior to the pandemic were often better prepared to take on the fluctuations in care, including patient volume, recruitment challenges, advanced safety protocols and new therapies for COVID-19 patients.

  2. Streamlined patient care path

    As stated in the guide, “10 Steps to Optimize Your Rehabilitation Unit,” research has revealed that rehabilitation therapy services are expected to continue to grow following COVID-19 and through 2028. With this expected growth, it is important to evaluate where patients are going to receive rehabilitative care and where there is an opportunity to keep patients within the system.

    Expanding post-acute services within the hospital’s care continuum can help hospitals have more control over outcomes, reduce care transitions and can help maintain patient satisfaction throughout the care journey.

    Being able to rely on an experienced rehabilitation partner eases the burden of managing inpatient rehabilitation – increasing patient access, and improving clinical quality and operational efficiency. The domino effect helps hospitals achieve greater financial performance.

Read our white paper, “5 Financial Benefits of Rehabilitation Partnership” to discover the three additional benefits strategic partnership can have on your hospital’s financial performance.


  1. Fary Khan, MBBS, MD, FAFRM (RACP), Bhasker Amatya, DMedSci, MD, MPH, Medical Rehabilitation in Pandemics: Towards a New Perspective, Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine, Vol. 52, Issue 4, April 9, 2020

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