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Improve your hospital’s financial performance through Medicare’s “Triple Aim”

A strategic partnership approach

Improving the U.S. healthcare system requires simultaneous pursuit of three aims: enhancing the overall experience of care, improving the health of populations and reducing per capita costs of healthcare, as reported by HealthAffairs.1

To help effectively meet the opportunity in these three key areas, hospital leaders are looking to joint-venture and contract management partnership with a focused rehabilitation expert.

Rehabilitation partnership supports Medicare’s triple aim by helping to:

  • Enhance patient care. This is done by providing exceptional care through high-quality programs aimed at improving patient health and independence from admission to discharge.
  • Improve community health. Expanding health access to those that need it most improves the overall health of the community. An experienced rehabilitation partner will have access to the latest national trends and resources beyond the data available to individual facilities. This allows local programs to be equipped with best-in-class treatment plans to effectively treat a wider variety of complex conditions.
  • Lower care cost. Greater patient access, expertise and quality lead to better outcomes, lower length of stay and lower readmissions. Additionally, facilities are able to more effectively deploy resources and improve operational efficiency, further lowering costs.

An effective partner will also have a well-organized system for efficiently transitioning patients through phases of care. Careful management helps ensure patients enter rehabilitation at the right time in their care journey and stay for the appropriate recovery period. This ultimately helps lower per-patient costs, improves regulatory compliance and enables medically complex patients to receive needed high-quality care from admission to discharge.

Meeting Medicare’s triple aim is just one of the many ways rehabilitation partnership can help have a positive impact on hospital performance and financial health.

Read our white paper, “5 Financial Benefits of Rehabilitation Partnership” to discover the four additional benefits.


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