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Case Study: Tampa General Hospital and Lifepoint Rehabilitation

Partnering with Lifepoint Health expanded the acute care rehabilitation service and care quality for Tampa General Hospital (TGH), providing the community with a new state-of-the-art facility, specialized expertise and aligned values.

The challenge

TGH’s original acute rehab unit resided in their downtown location, which had become increasingly overcrowded. To accommodate service line growth, they needed more space. How could TGH meet the growing patient need and free up vital bed space in the current hospital?

To scale and enhance their rehabilitation service line, TGH needed additional resources, specialized expertise, and access to the latest tools and technology—they needed a partner.

The solution

After evaluating several solutions, TGH entered a joint-venture partnership with Lifepoint Rehabilitation to build and operate a state-of-the-art rehabilitation facility just off the hospital’s original campus.

“We wanted a partner that we could not only share some risk with but also leverage their expertise around running a new stand-alone facility,” shared TGH President and CEO, John Couris. “And because of Lifepoint’s track record in rehabilitation services, it made a lot of sense to partner with them.

“There’s a lot of structure with Lifepoint, but still a lot of autonomy to do what fits best for this region and this market. That is an important factor when looking at a joint-venture partner,” shared TGH Rehabilitation Hospital CEO, Health Higgins.

The partnership proved to be so successful that TGH is now building a second joint-venture with Lifepoint Health.

Leadership Q&A: Meeting Growing Patient Needs Through Partnership

  1. How important was the expansion of TGH’s services for the community?

    Couris: We knew expanding and modernizing our rehabilitation program would be critical for our hospital, as it is a vital component of the entire care continuum and is a huge part of who we are.

    Jennifer Morales, Director of Business Development, TGRH: The fact that Lifepoint had such great resources, expertise and knowledge prior to opening the rehabilitation hospital has really allowed us to be successful from day one.

  2. What resources did Lifepoint bring to the table for TGH?

    Couris: Lifepoint not only brought technology – both clinically and operationally – but they brought quality people and deep knowledge of the rehabilitation space. These resources allowed TGH to develop an 80-bed rehabilitation hospital.

    Taking our own expertise and combining it with Lifepoint’s has helped us more effectively care for our patients and their unique needs.

  3. What additional opportunities did this partnership lead to?

    Couris: We were really impressed with Lifepoint – their people and their culture – following our rehabilitation partnership, so we decided to approach them with a behavioral health partnership opportunity as well.

    The facility will be located on the same campus as our rehabilitation hospital and will have 96 beds with the ability to flex up to about 120 beds.

    This development will allow us to provide geriatric, adult and pediatric behavioral health services all within close range of our rehabilitation facility. This is a huge win for the community and illustrates the power of the partnership – that Lifepoint gets it.

  4. Would you recommend Lifepoint as a partner?

    Couris: I would absolutely recommend Lifepoint as a partner. It’s important for us to have a partner that understands our culture and climate, has similar values, and has a commitment to quality, safety, service and clinical outcomes. Lifepoint has all of that.

    We look forward to years of a healthy and productive relationship with Lifepoint.

See how TGH Rehabilitation Hospital’s state-of-the-art freestanding facility high quality, patient-centered care to its patients and community.

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