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2 Key Factors Boosting Hospital Staff Recruitment and Retention

Now more than ever, hospital team members are seeking an employer who invests in their employees. Hospitals that utilize specialized rehabilitation resources to maintain employee engagement, enhance skill sets and aid in setting a positive work-life balance continue to set themselves apart as employers of choice. However, gaining access to robust resources is challenging, leading many hospitals to seek partnership with a focused expert.

Discover 2 key ways strategic partnership can help successfully recruit and retain top rehabilitation talent both now and in the future.

  1. Identify and recruit specialized rehabilitation talent

    Boosting Hospital Staff Recruitment and Retention It takes expert training to obtain the necessary knowledge and skills to deliver the appropriate level of rehabilitative treatment to patients with varying needs. A seasoned partner will have a team with both local and national reach dedicated to recruiting top talent, such as highly-trained therapists, clinicians and social workers. This helps the unit successfully locate and hire individuals that match the culture of the hospital and the specific needs of the community.

    When the right person is sourced and hired, the possibility of medical error is reduced and the level of patient safety and satisfaction rises.

  2. Provide best-in-class employee training and education

    A recent study found that approximately one in three healthcare workers intend to reduce their work hours, while roughly one in five intend to leave their profession altogether.1 A major factor contributing to these outcomes is that many healthcare professionals don’t feel prepared or properly trained to meet the growing need, according to a 2021 McKinsey and Company survey.2

    Supplying the latest educational resources for team members to excel within their role leads to better outcomes, and also helps to improve employee satisfaction and retention. This also instils a great sense of value among team members, further reducing the likelihood of burnout and turnover.

    A dedicated partner with established programs for continuing education and employee development can also help a hospital stand out from other employers.

When a hospital focuses on the development and success of its employees, both patient and hospital outcomes can begin to reap the benefits.

Read our white paper, “Rehabilitation Staffing: 5 Advantages of Strategic Partnership,” to learn three additional benefits of partnership that can help your hospital overcome current and future staffing challenges.


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