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Technology’s Role in Improving Health Equity

As hospitals work to fill gaps in their clinical workforce and elevate their financial performance, many are finding relief in digital technology’s ability to meet the unique needs of their community. These digital solutions, whether they be patient-facing or for internal use, are also helping hospitals address health inequities brought to light in recent years.

Discover 2 ways technology can advance your organization’s health equity strategy to improve patient, hospital and local community outcomes.

  1. Expanding Care Access and Reducing Length of Stay

    When it comes to addressing the clinical labor shortage and hospital financial strain, finding a solution to reduce patient treatment time without expending unnecessary resources is vital. The pandemic shed light on the benefit of having a digital front door – a trend that is expected to continue to grow as technology becomes an even bigger part of healthcare delivery.

    Having technology that can follow a patient throughout their care journey without regular in-person visits not only expands access to community members unable to commute to a hospital, but it opens up more beds for patients in need of critical in-person treatment.

  2. Enhancing Patient Engagement

    Generating optimal outcomes would not be possible without regular patient engagement. Integrating digital solutions to aid in improving engagement among patients, their caregivers and family, as well as hospital staff is critical when it comes to elevating a patient’s care journey.

    In the past, patient engagement was viewed as simply an initiative to help patients feel confident in their recovery, but this is no longer the case – especially in the new digital world.

    Creating tools that have the patient and their loved ones in mind not only helps improve patient outcomes and satisfaction, but it keeps family and staff members in the loop of specific patient progress without having to communicate outside of the digital platform.

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