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Case Study: Palomar Health Expands Critical Behavioral Healthcare to their Local Community

As cases of behavioral health rise across the nation, hospitals are looking for a solution to help address this growing need all while remaining focused on their core service lines.

When Palomar Health saw the opportunity to integrate a behavioral health program into their existing rehabilitation facility – a facility already in partnership with Lifepoint Health – they choose to expand their partnership capabilities to help ensure a seamless integration as well as maintain strong operations management across the continuum.

The joint-venture between Palomar Health Behavioral Health and Lifepoint Behavioral Health will help improve access to specialized behavioral health services across the Escondido, California community and beyond. It will also allow patients currently admitted in their rehabilitation hospital to reap the benefits of a comprehensive behavioral health program under the same roof.

Watch the brief video below to hear directly from Palomar Health leadership on how this partnership helped improve patient, hospital and community outcomes.

Video Transcript:

Virginia Barragan, VP, Continuum Care and Oncology Service Line, Palomar Health: It is very hard to find a partner such as Lifepoint really who has that specialty expertise in a certain area.

Sheila Brown, COO, Palomar Health, and Board Chair – Palomar Health Rehabilitation Institute (PHRI): So, while we were building our hospital and the rehabilitation with Lifepoint, I was also responsible and had oversight for Behavioral Health Service Line.

 It only made sense for us to begin to explore a behavioral health hospital as well. And now we're going down that journey with Lifepoint Behavioral Health.  

It was perfect because we've been together now for close to 20 years, we've had an experience that was very great - patients are happy, physicians are happy, our staff is engaged.

Virginia Barragan: So, finding someone who's willing to come in and assess the community and work in partnership with you to determine how to make that vision become a reality is a real unique partner to find. They truly have been a key partner.

I would absolutely recommend Lifepoint.

Interested in growing your hospital’s behavioral health offering? Read our white paper, “Effective Hybrid Partnership Solutions to Enhance Hospital Performance and Outcomes” to learn which model can most benefit your hospital.

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