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Behavioral Health Staffing Strains: Where Do Hospital Priorities Lie?

As behavioral health leaders continue to navigate the intricacies of healthcare environment – including rapidly rising patient admissions, regulatory shifts and overcrowded emergency departments (EDs) – experts note that the ongoing staffing shortage will continue to be the largest pain point throughout 2023.1

This data comes following a Behavioral Health Business survey, which polled 150 behavioral health professionals on their outlook on the industry through 2023.

In addition to being the biggest challenge for behavioral health leaders in 2023, 77% of survey respondents also forecast staffing to be the greatest financial strain on the industry. Factors influencing this prediction include:

  • Rising labor costs
  • Lack of quality staff
  • Ineffective recruitment and retention tactics
  • Lack of effective employee training
  • Scarcity of resources across the healthcare space

To help combat these obstacles, health leaders are turning to specialized experts in the form of strategic partnerships. Specifically, a majority of the survey respondents share that they expect to see substantial spikes in partnerships throughout 2023.

Through partnership, more hospitals will be able to achieve additional goals cited within the survey, such as expanding behavioral health access to more local communities and increasing telehealth utilization for both patients and providers.1

Find out how partnering with Lifepoint Behavioral Health can help your hospital successfully recruit and retrain top talent, and meet the growing patient need in your local community.

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