Culture of Safety and Engagement Survey

The Culture of Safety and Engagement (CoSE) Survey is an important tool that measures the attitudes, beliefs and perceptions of our staff related to the culture of safety and employee engagement at our hospitals. The survey is applicable to employees at all levels of the organization – from environmental staff and administrative roles to frontline caregivers – and underscores the critical role that every employee plays in quality and safety. 

provider putting paper on learning board

Learning Boards

Learning boards are unit-level tools that we use to help clinicians and hospital leaders identify and increase awareness of safety and quality concerns, as well as track progress toward resolving them. 

Briefings and Huddles

Briefings typically occur at the beginning of a shift and are used to help ensure that clinical staff members understand the plan for the work day, are aligned on expectations and work together as a cohesive team. Additionally, our clinical teams use huddles to reconvene after unexpected events occur during a shift. Huddles bring together staff members in a particular unit to help enhance teamwork, improve communication and effectively address issues. 

provider huddle at nurses station

Code of Conduct and Compliance Hotline

LifePoint's Code of Conduct helps guide our daily activities and interactions with colleagues, patients, affiliated providers and others with whom we work. Every LifePoint employee plays an important role in upholding our Code of Conduct, and we urge employees to speak up if there is a situation that isn't consistent with our Code. In fact, we make this easy through our compliance hotline, which enables anonymous calls to be vetted by a third party. Download a copy of the Common Ground Code of Conduct.