Executive Patient Safety Conference

Our Executive Patient Safety Conference brings together leaders from our Health Support Center and hospital administrative and physician leaders from each of our communities to discuss leading practices in quality and patient safety. Participants engage in meaningful discussions and highlight leading practices that our hospitals can adopt to help strengthen a culture of quality and patient safety.

LifePoint Health executive patient safety conference
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LifePoint Patient Safety Organization

As part of LifePoint's ongoing commitment to quality improvement efforts, we created an entity called a Patient Safety Organization, which is certified by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). LifePoint's PSOrg is designed to improve the quality and safety of healthcare delivery by providing a secure environment where hospitals and clinicians can collect, analyze and aggregate data to identify underlying causes of patient safety events and reduce the risks associated with patient care. 

Learning Collaboratives

Learning collaboratives bring a group of our hospitals together in a focused effort to address key issues concerning quality and patient safety. Led by LifePoint quality experts, these targeted learning groups provide a structured forum for sharing evidence-based practices and resources, and help ensure accountability for results across participating facilities.

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LifePoint telehealth statistic


We know that leveraging the latest telehealth technology solutions can have a significant impact on the provision of safe, high quality care in non-urban communities. Collaborating with both national and regional partners in the telehealth provider-to-provider space, LifePoint's strategy focuses on several key service lines, including neurology and stroke care, eICU, radiology, psychiatry and cardiology. As we look to the future, our engagement will continue to evolve as we explore collaborations on direct to consumer technology and provide guidance at both the state and national levels to help shape the future of telehealth.

Hospital Engagement Network

In 2011, LifePoint Health was one of only 26 organizations – and the only investor-owned company – selected to participate in the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services' Partnership for Patients initiative as a Hospital Engagement Network (HEN). As a subcontractor, Duke University Health System helped to guide and support our efforts, which ultimately transformed our approach to quality and patient safety.

We completed two HEN contracts, the last of which concluded in 2016, and were one of the top performing HENs in the country. We surpassed our goals for harms reduction, achieved significant progress in reducing readmissions and strengthened our organization's culture of safety and quality in measurable and meaningful ways.

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