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Committed to our physicians' and providers' success

Committed to our physicians' and providers' success

Our vision is to create places where physicians and providers want to practice by offering unique opportunities to prosper and grow personally and professionally in great communities across the country. We believe that physician collaboration is crucial to the delivery of quality care, so we work to build and maintain strong, supportive and productive relationships with our physicians.

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Our Health Support Center provides a comprehensive array of resources, expertise and support to ensure our physicians have thriving, successful practices. Resources include:

  • National Quality Program
  • Regulatory compliance program
  • Practice management
  • Service line support
  • Revenue Cycle and coding support
  • Electronic Medical Record technology support

It is our goal to equip our physicians with the right resources and support so they can focus on doing what they love – practicing medicine and providing the highest quality care possible for the people in their communities.

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"The National Quality Program gave our team a helpful road map for looking at every process at Clark Regional Medical Center and ensuring that quality and patient safety is at the center. This systematic approach to improving quality fundamentally changed our culture and the way we work. As a result, our physicians and staff feel more comfortable speaking up and are highly motivated to work together to improve the care we provide."

Erica Gregonis, MD
Pulmonology and Critical Care, Clark Regional Medical Center

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