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Saline Health System starts program aimed at addressing addiction

Saline Health System starts program aimed at addressing addiction

Saline Health System starts program aimed at addressing addiction

StepOne Service provides medically based care for withdrawal as a first step toward recovery

In partnership with Evergreen Healthcare Partners, Saline Memorial Hospital launched StepOne Service, a program to help those battling addiction, on Monday, Jan. 8.

As the first phase in the recovery process, StepOne Service is a hospital-based, acute withdrawal management service for adults who are in the impending or early stage of withdrawal from alcohol and/or opioids.

“During our bi-annual community needs assessments, addressing substance abuse disorder is nearly always identified as one of the most critical healthcare needs for this area,” said Saline Memorial Hospital CEO Michael Stewart. “We have been working diligently to address this need and believe this is in the first step toward providing hope and support for those battling addiction.”

The process starts with the patient calling 501.288.9292 or visiting to request a pre-screening. If the patient meets the criteria, they will be scheduled for admission to the hospital’s medical-surgical unit.

“This service is not for everyone,” said Bryan Jensen, co-founder and CEO of Evergreen Healthcare partners. “Patients seeking this treatment must meet medical criteria, be in the early stages of withdrawal and be properly motivated for their recovery.”

Once a patient is admitted, the hospitalists and nurses at Saline Memorial Hospital provide round-the-clock medical care using protocol-specific medications to reduce the severity of withdrawal symptoms. Treatment lasts on average about three days for opioid withdrawal and about five days for alcohol withdrawal.

“From admission to discharge, we have a clinical care team specially trained to work with withdrawal patients,” Stewart said. “Once we address their medical needs, these patients can focus on the next steps of their recovery.”

The clinical team will work with patients on a long-term care plan to guide the patient from their discharge from the hospital to their continuing treatment at the next, appropriate facility or program. The care team will keep working with the patient for up to six months after discharge.

“After withdrawal treatment, it is important for patients to continue on with some form of addiction treatment to learn coping strategies for maintaining sustained sobriety,” Jensen said. “StepOne Service will assist patients in finding the next appropriate treatment center so they can get the life skills and relapse prevention training they need.”


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