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Lifepoint Health Unveils Symbolic New Brand

Company’s brand identity reflects its compassionate culture, focus on innovation, and growth as a diversified healthcare delivery network

Brentwood, Tenn. (October 18, 2022) – Lifepoint Health®, a diversified healthcare delivery network dedicated to its mission of making communities healthier®, today announced that it has launched a new company brand. Anchored by a vibrant, heart-shaped icon, the brand will visually unify Lifepoint Health across its distinct lines of business and the diverse communities it serves. As part of this branding effort, the company’s rehabilitation and behavioral health business lines have been renamed Lifepoint Rehabilitation and Lifepoint Behavioral Health, respectively.

“Lifepoint has evolved significantly since our founding in 1999, but we have always been a company with a heart, a strong mission and a compassionate culture with a sharp focus on delivering the highest quality care for our patients,” said David Dill, chairman and chief executive officer of Lifepoint Health. “We are pleased to introduce a new brand that more clearly portrays our culture and purpose, the attributes of our growing business today and our aspirations for the future.”

The heart icon is rich with symbolism. It represents Lifepoint’s caring and inclusive culture and its mission of making communities healthier. At the center of the heart is one dot that is larger than the rest, representing the company’s commitment to patient-centered care. And the icon’s vibrant spectrum of colors conveys movement, representing Lifepoint’s focus on innovating and shaping the future of healthcare delivery.

The individual dots making up the heart represent:

  • Lifepoint’s nearly 50,000 employees working together toward a shared mission;
  • The distinct business lines and points of care that make up Lifepoint’s diversified network, including community hospitals, rehabilitation and behavioral health hospitals and other sites of care including rehabilitation units, outpatient centers and post-acute facilities; and
  • The company’s strong partnerships and philosophy of working together with like-minded organizations to advance healthcare and keep patients close to home.

Over time, Lifepoint’s facilities will be rebranded to incorporate the heart icon, beginning with Paris Regional Medical Center – an acute care facility located in Paris, Texas.

In addition to its new icon, the company introduced “Great care lives here” as its brand promise, as well as a subtle change to the spelling of its name with a lowercase letter “p” in Lifepoint.

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About Lifepoint Health

Lifepoint Health is a leading healthcare provider that serves patients, clinicians, communities and partner organizations across the healthcare continuum. Driven by a mission of making communities healthier®, the company has a growing diversified healthcare delivery network comprised of more than 50,000 dedicated employees, 62 community hospital campuses, more than 30 rehabilitation and behavioral health hospitals and 170 additional sites of care, including managed acute rehabilitation units, outpatient centers and post-acute care facilities. Through its innovation strategy, Lifepoint Forward, the company is developing meaningful solutions to enhance quality, increase access to care, and improve value across the Lifepoint footprint and communities across the country.


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