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Lifepoint Health Marks First Year of Successful Partnership with Cadence

Lifepoint Health recently marked its first year of partnership with Cadence, a health tech company with a breakthrough remote care management platform that delivers better care to people managing chronic conditions at scale. 

In the first year of the partnership, Lifepoint and Cadence have reduced the number of heart failure patients who presented to the emergency room by 50 percent. The number of patients with well-controlled blood pressure at 10 weeks into Cadence's program has doubled. And 98 percent of patients utilizing the program say they are receiving the highest quality medical care in an easy-to-understand way.

Read the full good news here, and listen in here as Aaron Lewis, executive vice president of growth and integrated solutions for Lifepoint, and Chris Altchek, CEO of Cadence, reflect on the progress achieved during the partnership thus far.

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