We recognize that making our communities healthier is a lofty pursuit that cannot be achieved alone. We think of community engagement from a few different perspectives: engaging with patients and families to gain input and drive a positive evolution of care in our facilities, and being philanthropic and economic leaders to ensure our communities are places where people can healthily live, work, play and grow.

LifePoint Patient and Family Advisory Board

The Patient and Family Advisory Board (PFAB) is comprised of patients and family members of patients who have received care at a LifePoint-affiliated facility, as well as select company leaders. This group draws on personal experience and our consumers' perspectives to provide valuable input to the company on how to ensure a patient-centered approach to care. 

lifepoint health patient and family advisory board
quote from christine oleksa, RN

Local Patient and Family Advisory Councils

Modeling after LifePoint's company-wide PFAB, many facilities across our network have established their own Patient and Family Advisory Councils to empower patients to take an active role in their local healthcare delivery systems by representing the patient voice in our hospitals' efforts to continuously improve the patient experience.

Community Benefit Report

Our facilities are more than hospitals. They are integral threads in the fabric of their communities and are among the largest employers, taxpayers, economic engines and philanthropic supporters. Annually, each of our facilities publishes a Community Benefit Report that reviews the broad scope of the contributions they make to the communities they serve. Visit our hospital websites to download facility-specific reports. 

The LifePoint companywide Community Benefit Report summarizes the collective impact of all our hospitals and demonstrates the economic impact we have on communities nationwide.