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St. Catherine’s Rehab Unit Showing Positive Measures After the Introduction of RehabTracker

Patient engagement is especially critical in rehabilitation, but can technology drive greater engagement and thus improve functional measures? We developed the first of its kind patient engagement app, called RehabTracker. The app has shown an increase in Functional Independence Measure (FIM), which evaluates a patient’s functional improvements from admission to discharge. An increased percentage of these patients have also been discharged to home and the patients have shown gains in Program Evaluation Model (PEM) scores, which measure the effectiveness and efficiency of patient care across several metrics.

At St. Catherine Hospital, which is part of Community Healthcare System, patients using the RehabTracker app have shown marked improvement across several measures. Their FIM gain is up almost 34%, their discharge rate to home is up over 20% and their discharge rate to an acute care setting is down almost 32%.

“The patients are that much more engaged in their therapy and in their well-being,” said Leo Correa, CEO of St. Catherine Hospital. “We’re seeing that in the outcomes and I can’t help but think that has something to do with RehabTracker and patients being more engaged and more involved in their own care.”

Ann, a patient at St. Catherine Hospital, described her stroke as “terrifying.” Days after, she still suffered from difficulty swallowing, communicating and walking at the time of her admission to the acute rehabilitation unit. Today, she’s back in her home, and credits the patient engagement app – RehabTracker – for aiding in her recovery.

“When we innovate and have differentiating technology and incorporate that into our services, we deliver an even more spectacular patient experience,” said Jason Zachariah, EVP and COO of Lifepoint Health.

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