Medical Staff from Raleigh General Travels to Africa
Date Posted: Dec 13, 2017
Author: Taylor Neuman
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Raleigh General Hospital
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A group of medical staff from Raleigh General Hospital returns to West Virginia after a trip to Africa to change their healthcare system for the better.

Dr. Herbert Oye, a surgeon at Raleigh General Hospital, along with other medical staff recently took a trip to Bayelsa, which is a state in Nigeria. On their trip, they volunteered their time to help the sick. They also educated doctors and nurses in that area.

"The healthcare system is really, really poor and people are really excited to see us come, when they see us come to provide whatever we can provide," Dr. Oye said.

They also opened a hospital that the governor of Nigeria helped fund. Dr. Oye said rural communities such as the one they went to struggle to keep their people healthy. Their mission was to try to improve healthcare services in Bayelsa.

The whole group came back with a positive response from their trip. Cathy Farley, a retired surgical tech, said people appreciated their services.

"People really appreciate everything you do for them. They're just so humble, and they want our help. It just made me come home and think that we throw away so much, and they cherish everything."

Dr. Oye will continue visiting Bayelsa, and his group hopes to join him again in the spring. His team hopes to raise the quality of their healthcare standards.