LRMC Selects 19 for Inaugural Nurse Residency Program
Date Posted: Dec 13, 2017
Author: Nancy Peyton, The Logan Banner
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Logan Memorial Hospital

LOGAN - Nineteen recent nursing graduates from Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College were recently selected to participate in a new program at Logan Regional Medical Center.

Chief Nursing Officer Sandra Hugueley said the program will help make the transition from school to practicing nursing in a real-world setting easier for students.

"It's become the industry standard across the country to help new graduate nurses transition from academia into the practice side of healthcare," Hugueley said.

Hugueley said studies show anywhere from 27 to 35 percent of nursing graduates leave the industry within the first year and a half.

"Part of the issue is the disconnect between the preparation that they receive in school versus practicing in the real world," Hugueley said. "So what the residency program tries to do is bridge that gap of academia to real-world practice."

LRMC and SWVCTC have had a longtime partnership to provide experience, externships and other programs to the nursing students at the school. The residency program teaches a variety of skills, including bedside manner, conflict resolution and prevention of infection and harm.

Hugueley said the current nursing shortage in West Virginia and elsewhere makes a program like this that much more vital.

"With the shortage of nurses, especially in West Virginia, it's real important that we don't let nurses get frustrated and walk out the door because they don't feel that they were well-prepared for the practice side," Hugueley said. "Our goal is to help them gain the confidence and the skills needed to truly function in the very high-paced and high-stress environment."

The program lasts for 16 weeks, with a graduation ceremony in November. Hugueley said the program will be offered to graduates each year, and that she hopes to see the program eventually grow.

"I would love to see it grow," Hugueley said. "We will provide it every year for however many graduates we have."

The inaugural class includes Carissa Blackburn, Leanna Bryant, Katilyn R. Compton, Rodney Fields, David Frye, Halley Jo Hensley, Ashton N. Holbrook, Keri Mccoy, Jessica M. McNeely, Marisa D. Milum, Melissa Murphy, John Wesley Nagy II, Summer Ann Peyton, Garrett Steven Poole, Nikki L. Rodighiero, Lacosta Simpson, Melissa Smith, Sammeley D. Queen and Keshia N. Wooten.