Carol Stamper, RN

Emergency Department

Georgetown Community Hospital
Georgetown, Kentucky

"When I grow up, I want to be just like Carol." It's a refrain you shouldn't be surprised to hear from the Emergency Department staff at Georgetown Community Hospital in Georgetown, Kentucky, where Carol Stamper has been serving as a registered nurse and setting the bar high for more than 30 years. 

Carol Stamper, RN, winning the Mercy Award
"Carol sees the good in everyone."
mercy award winner ceremony
And it's just one of the many reasons that Carol is the recipient of Lifepoint's 2017 companywide Mercy Award, which honors the legacy of the late Scott Mercy, our founding chairman and CEO. Through the compassionate care she provides her patients and her selfless acts of kindness, both large and small, Carol demonstrates Scott's caring spirit and reflects the values on which our company was founded.

Carol never fails to go the extra mile any time help is needed. When an out-of-state couple was involved in a traffic accident, she treated them like family, offering to make necessary phone calls, arrange a rental car, provide nourishment and lend a listening ear. When a blind ER patient from one of the area's nursing homes lost her cross necklace – a gift from the patient's husband – Carol immediately went on a mission to find the lost jewelry. When she was unable to locate it, she bought the patient a new necklace that matched the one she had lost.

Carol sees the good in everyone, goes above and beyond the call of duty and inspires her colleagues at Georgetown Community Hospital to be better nurses and better people.